Only 2 Markets Left for the Season!

Only two Markets left in the season!

Come on down for some special items today:
Marks Farms has PUMPKINS! For decorating, eating, carving, painting- whatever your fancy for the season there is a pumpkin for you. They also now have a wonderful selection of locally raised pork, sausage, bacon and more. As always they are stocked in fresh produce, squash, and potatoes!

Frog Hollar Farms has apples and plums and all kinds of fresh produce, carrots and more!

Macon Creek Honey Co always has the freshest raw honey, beeswax, honey combs, and even sweet honey sticks and honey candies. Add some local confections to your Halloween treat bowl!

Blue Skies Soaps has all hand crafted soaps, bath bubbles, soy and natural beeswax candles- scented and unscented. There are even some seasonal scents you don’t want to miss out on!

Sweet Meadow Acres has soft German pretzels, fresh cut flowers and quilted items and many kinds of home grown apples!

Cathy Shafer has her cupcakes, cookies, fresh breads and coffee cakes.

It’s not too late to stop by the market and get your custom Farmers Market shirt (long sleeves available!).

See you at the market!
@ Chi-Bro Park


Carrot Rapée Food Demo- Today at the Market

This is our favorite time of year!
Comfort foods like roasted pumpkin pasta sauce can be the freshest and it’s still not too late for enjoying cool, crisp salads with your favorite greens.

We have a wonderful recipe available at our Food Demo today so make sure to stop by around 5 to get a taste and fresh idea on Carrots!

Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Squashes, Zucchini, Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Herbs and so much more at our Farmers Market.

We have fresh baked goods- scones, toffees, fresh breads, cupcakes, coffee cakes and pumpkin rolls. Ask about gluten free options too!

Don’t forget we also have wonderful local Artisans making quilted items soaps, soy candles and more.

Favorite Fall Recipes from the Farmers Market

Time to stock up and save!

We have been stocking up since produce is at its prime here at the Farmers Market! Did you know that locally grown produce, that is allowed to ripen where it grows has far more nutrients than produce picked early and allowed to ripen on the shelf or in a warehouse? Keep your market produce all winter by canning, freezing or pickling. An important step is blanching and here is a great easy to read blanching time chart for lots of veggies available at our market.

Ask our vendors about buying in bulk.

At market we have Squash, Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, Zucchini, and more.

There is also fresh baked goods with Pretzels, Scones, Fresh Breads, Cupcakes. Ask about Gluten free options too!

There is always lots to choose from at the Manchester Farmers Market.

Sept 8th Market- Food Demo: Radish and Sweet Corn Relish

Market Greetings, Everyone!

Tomorrow we have a special treat for you! A food demo with Judy Radant and a free recipe on how to make Radish and Sweet Corn Relish- It is amazing on hot dogs, burgers, salad, and even grilled shrimp. Stop by to pick up your copy of the recipe and all of the ingredients at the Market!

Wilma with Sweet Meadow Acres will be back tomorrow with Soft German Pretzels, Beets, Eggplant, Cabbage, Peppers, and Homegrown Macintosh Apples Garden Bouquets, Quilted items.

Produce is prime right now. It’s time to stock up while the getting is good! Make sure to plan ahead for the fall and winter and ask your vendor about bulk buying! The following can be frozen for freshness, canned or pickled for flavor:

Eggplant, Peppers, Cabbage, Green Onions, Cilantro, Potatoes, Broccoli, Corn, Beans, Tomatoes, and even Melon!

See you at the market!

Fairy Festival 2016

Today we have Three special guests for Fairy Fest!

Bubblina the Fairy will be there with all of her bubbles, passing joy and (fun) mischief!
And Laura who will be at the pavilion making fairy crafts, headbands and ribbon wands.
And Scout the Fairy dog mascot!

The under 5 fairy hunt will begin at 3:30 pm with the 5+ fairy hunt beginning immediately after. The costume parade begins at 4 pm and prizes will be awarded in the categories of fairies and “lost boys.” Neither category is gender specific; both boys and girls can dress as either. There will be a special reading time at 4:45 pm. Throughout the day, there will be crafts. Everyone is encouraged to bring a trinket or bauble to add to the farmers market’s new fairy house, which will be displayed through the village in different locations.

Also this is a prime time to stock up on produce. Ask our vendors about buying in bulk. We have spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, nectarines, onions, peppers of all kinds (purple bell, green bell, and hot peppers too), scallions, and so much more.

Baked goods- cup cakes, breads, cookies, coffee breads and scones. Pick up your weekend breakfast treats!

IMG_8136 IMG_8145

Tomorrow at the Market!

Tomorrow a the Market!

Sweet Potatoes are in already!
There will still be a selection on corn, peppers, leafy greens, onions, cabbage and kale. Also cherries, plums, and now nectarines too!

We have our fresh baked goods vendors with cookies, breads, scones and coffee cake.

There is also a Food Demonstration by Judy Radant. Stop by and pick up your copy of her recipes!

And here’s one of our favorites for the sweet potatoes:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage

This week at the Market: Dutch Day

Come support our high school cheer team as they host a demonstration and bean bag tournament in the park with our our Flying Dutchmen custom made boards! They will also be selling water and snacks for our wonderful Market Patrons.

You can expect wonderful peaches and plums, as well as the freshest vegetables and produce in the area. Did you know that locally grown and picked produce has a higher nutrient content? It’s one of the many reason to shop locally.

See you at the Market!

Taste Of Manchester

As part of another Make it Manchester Thursday we are part of the Taste of Manchester!

Stop by the Farmers market to pick up coupons for local businesses such as Franks and Sweet Mary’s and more!
Stay for the Farm fresh goodies brought to you by:
Marks Farms with fresh greens and peppers to spice up your dishes!
Frog Hollar Farms with Michigan Grown berries and cherries Weisenreder Farms with Locally grown Corn and melons
Flo’s Bakery with Angel Food Cake and Scones
Sweet Meadow Acres with German Soft Pretzels, Fresh Dill, Floral Arrangements and Early Apples perfect for Pies!!

Come by Chi-Bro Park for another fun Thursday filled with healthy, local food!